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MEJOREsto Restaurant


Enjoy stunning views with a bite to eat and a drink in hand at Greater Amed Bali best bars and restaurants

The views of the ocean and the holy active volcano Mount Agung are so amazing and it comes as no surprise that each and every visitor that sets foot on our roof top, falls in love with the most exciting rooftop venues

Small event, whether it is a charitable event, wedding, corporate banquet or private event are suitable at Mejoresto Rooftop Bar. Plan and set your imaginary concept to create the perfect setting for you and your guests on this special day.

Mejoresto Restaurant

Wondering where to eat in in Amed ?
Mejoresto Restaurant is in a great place to try, strategic location on Jalan I Ketut Natih, Amed which is easy to find, right on the main street.
The restaurant situated on the down floor, right facing to the swimming pool, serves delicious food and provides great service in a friendly, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

It opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our menu is Modern European cuisine, with Asian influence appeals to all appetites, creative presentation as well as taste.

We have food choices from light to heavy breakfast. Continental, Indonesian, American, Egg-Benedict, Egg sandwich or burritos and some more nice food in our menu. Delivery also provided, send it right away to your door, in a very best price.

VIP room is just behind the restaurant equipped with high speed internet connection, rest room, air conditioned room, smart TV, where food and beverage are available to make your staycation more effective and relaxing.

Welcome any time and we are happy to serve you.

Our Special Dishes

Let us make your day with our classic taste of Modern European cuisine, with Asian influence. We serve from a comfort foods fresh off the grill to lighter-tasting seafood and salad. Lets speak with the taste at Mejoresto Restaurant in Amed, Bali. Be at Mejoresto Bar & Restaurant to satisfy your appetite.

Grilled Mahi-Mahi

The fish is fresh direct from the fisherman in Amed. Grilled Mahi Mahi is a deliciously seasoned, mild-tasting fish filet with a smoky grilled flavorwith mashed potato, sautéed vegetable and cream lemon butter sauce.

Classic Cheese Burger

With Mejoresto home-made buns prepared fresh daily in our kitchen. Cheeseburger is never a wrong choice whether you are in the mood or not

Mejoresto LA PIZZA

Is one of the best pizza in Amed-Bali. Our pizza is traditionally thin topped with tomato, mozzarella and basil for Margherita pizza. Marinara is Assorted seafood, Tomato, Mushroom, Cheese. And California, topped with Tomato, Chicken, Prawns, Mushroom, Onion and Cheese.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken cordon bleu is the ultimate comfort food and one of favorite classic dinners.

Creamy Seafood Penne

Perfect for date nights, entertaining, or treating yourself on a weeknight in!

Juice and tender, Grilled Chicken Breast

With roast potato have an aroma and taste that can provoke your taste buds.

Nasi Rendang

Nasi rendang is an Indonesian cuisine. Rendang is often described as meat slow cooked in coconut milk and spices until it becomes tender.

Tenderloin Steak

A quality meal to comfort your body and mind.
Fresh herbs, a bit red wine and cream combine to make a sophisticated pan sauce for quality beef tenderloin steaks.

Choices of desserts to completed delicious food …